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About Us

Fenton are a new, dynamic and rapidly expanding company in the civil, residential and commercial sectors of the construction industry.

Our company's focus is to provide existing and new clientele with a high quality service that demonstrates our total commitment to environmental, quality control and health & safety.

Fenton are currently in the process of gaining ISO 14001, ISO 90001 & OHSAS 18001 accreditation. We operate our works in strict accordance with the requirements of current legislation on health & safety and constantly strive to attain the highest standard of continuously improving performance that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Our management team provides a broad and diverse range of skills bringing valuable expertise and experience gained from previous companies. Fenton bring this together to form a cohesive unit capable of providing a wide range of construction services in a capable and efficient manner.

Fenton's core experience is employed within the residential, commercial and retail sectors of the industry; either as a principal contractor or on a sub-contractor basis. Our approach is to provide existing and new clientele with service, quality and safety, that exceeds the varying requirements of our client's expectations.

Fenton is capable of responding to the most demanding requirements through the employment of directly employed, skilled labour.


Fenton’s offices are based in Ley Hill, near Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Our location near to the M25 is ideal for motorway links to service any projects in London and around the Home Counties. With our subsidiary Fenton Traffic Management and our extensive plant holdings, we have the ability to rapidly respond to challenging job conditions with minimal lead in times.

Fenton's core personnel

Managing Director Jim Fitzgerald and Construction Director Nigel Hutchinson have worked together for over Fifteen years. Both Directors offer a ‘real hands’ on service with frequent site visits to ensure our high service, quality and health & safety standards are maintained.

Our management team are able to provide a broad and diverse range of skills bringing expertise and experience gained from previous companies. Fenton are able to bring this together to form a cohesive unit capable of providing a wide range of construction services.

Areas of Expertise

Our greatest strength is the flexibility of our approach and the dedication of our workforce.

*    Groundworks
*     Basements and underpinning
*    278 works, including our in-house Traffic Management Company
*    RC Frames - traditional & post tension
*    Shafts, headings and pipejacking
*    Installation of reinforcing steel
*    Concrete placement and finishing
*    Deep and shallow drainage
*    Internal and external finishings
*    Hard and soft landscaping, plus remedials
*    Tunnelling
*    Demolition
*    Plant hire

278 Works

  • Design and implementation of Traffic Management solutions
  • Fully accredited street works supervisors and operatives
  • 278 works coordinator

Civil Engineering

  • Roads, Bridges and Car parks
  • Utilities
  • Pipeline networks
  • Civic Amenity and Environmental
  • Site Development and Urban Renewal
  • Building
  • Rock breaking and removal
  • Design and installation of Geosynthetic linings


  • Shaft construction
  • Escalator construction
  • Shield driven tunnels
  • Compressed air
  • Sprayed concrete lining
  • Hand driven tunnels
  • Pipe-jacking
  • Micro-tunnelling
  • Tunnel refurbishment & waterproofing

Basement Construction

  • In house engineering services
  • Excavate to any scale or depth
  • Earthwork support systems to include underpinning , piling and topdown walls, trench sheeting
  • Control and management of water
  • Construction of basements, intermediate suspended floors, stairwells, lift-shafts etc.
  • Waterproofing solutions
  • Underfloor services and drainage

Please note that we also offer a comprehensive value engineering ethos to help reduce costs collectively.

Any project value from £50,000 to £10,000,000.


Companies we have worked with (to name but a few) :

  • Bowmer & Kirkland
  • RG Group
  • McCarthy & Stone
  • JF Finnigan
  • ISG Construction
  • City Sq
  • UCB
  • Sainsburys
  • Costco
  • Ikea


A very flexible and co-operative approch was given by Fenton Civil Engineering to our company at all stages. Attention to Health & Safety was exemplary. We hope to employ their very capable workforce again in the future."

- Jamie Moore - RG Group

We were impressed with the performance of Fenton Civil Engineering personnel who carried out numerous difficult and challenging sub-contracts for Pierse over the past years through their partner company in Ireland.The skill and expertise of the personnel supplied has always led to a satisfactory outcome and we would have no hesitation recommending them for similar work."

- Michael Reale - Regional Director Pierse Contracting),

We were very pleased with the quality of personnel provided to us at all times by Fenton Civil Engineering.Time keeping and attention to work was first rate.Recognition of our high safety standards was well implemented."

- Jim Lawerence - Bam Nuttal


Recent successful projects of particular note on which our labour and expertise has been employed include :

Safestore, Chiswick
Morrisons, Weybridge
Costco, Wembley
National Film & Television School

Main Contractor : Underwood & Carpenter

Duration : September 15 to July 16

Value : £1.6 million

Head of Construction : Adam Turner 07771 940636 Adam.Turner@ucbuild.co.uk

Scope of works : RC double down basement for Safestore storage

Set out and installation of Guide Wall for Seacant piled wall.

Construction of capping beam / Excavate and remove 7500m3 of material from basement.

Set up dewatering points as below water table.

Construction of basement slab 450mm thk slab containing 600m3 of concrete.

Concrete to hollowrib decking, service yard & external works.

Main Contractor : ISG Construction

Duration : February 14 to February 15

Value : £1.2 million

Senior Contracts Manager : Steve Lewis, Mb 07721 748203 steve.lewis@isgplc.co.uk

Scope of works : Enabling works in connection with new superstore

Complex 278 Works scheme including neighbour liaisons

Responsible for coordination of all service diversions, lowering & new services

Fenton CE received a letter of commendation for our management of the job from Surrey Highways.

Main Contractor : JF Finnegan

Duration September 14 to August 15

Value : £1.6 million

Senior Surveyor : Rob Sheriff Mb 07785 973858 robsheriff@j-finnegan.co.uk

Scope of works : 278 Works, Groundworks & External works, including Hard Landscaping

Construction of an elevated warehouse with 13,006m2 Gross external floor area

Comprising of elevated concrete floor slab to access the warehouse unloading bays.

278works, Groundwork’s & External works incl Hard Landscaping

Main Contractor : Bowmer & Kirkland

Duration : Nov 15 to October 16

Value : £2.8 million

Construction Director : John Carlin Office 01773 853131

Scope of works : Service diversion works & installation of piling mats.

Attendance for pilers, construction of pile caps, drainage & groundworks.

Two four storey RC fair faced Concrete Frames and external works.

Erection & management of two self-erector cranes for sites lifting operations.

Sub Contract Projects undertaken through partner company based in Ireland

Main Contractor: Pierse Contracting Ltd, Birmayne House, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15.

Contact : Mr Michael Reale (Regional Director) 00353 87 2582473

Mullingar Sewerage Improvement scheme

Interceptor Sewer Contract.

2009: We principally carried out the tunnelling sections of this contract for Pierse. The contract had many challenging aspects including a river crossing, tunnelling beneath a Railway Embankment and Town centre.
Tunnel sizes were 1200mm and 1800mm

Equipment utilised

  • AVN 1800 Micro Tunnelling Shield
  • 1200 ID Mechanical Backhoe Exc. Shield
  • 1800 Open face shield for hand-digging

Launch and reception pits were 5m -7m in dia constructed using in-situ caisson method with soft eye installed.

Waterford Main Drainage Contract 1

2006: Construction of twin 450mm nominal size Polyethylene Rising mains under the River Suir length 450m using Directional Drilling Method.

2010: Construction of  600mm dia length 750m Siphon Relief gravity sewer in both Ductile Iron and Polethylene pipework across ravine in open cut.

Waterford Main Drainage Contract 2

2007: Construction of 24m long 450mm dia auger bore tunnel under shore embankment.

2007: Construction of twin 5m dia shafts depth 9m at two locations in one set of shafts requiring drill and blast in Rhyolite rock prior to underpinning. Soft ground at other location requiring caisson method.

New Ross Main Drainage

2008: Construction of 900mm dia length 120m Interceptor sewer in difficult conditions at Marine jetty location.

QESH - Quality, Environment, Safety & Health

Health and Safesty
Quality and the Environment

Health & Safety

It is Fenton Civil Engineering Ltd's policy to treat all matters relating to health and safety as priority. We have an ongoing pro-active approach to the management of site safety as outlined in our safety policy.

We operate our works in accordance with the requirements of current legislation on health and safety and constantly strive to attain performance that exceeds the minimum standards required by legislation.

Our company safety officer in conjunction with Site Management produces a site specific safety plan before commencement of a project which, in addition to general hazards deals with specific hazards relevant to the Project and any specific Client requirements.

Company safety officers who are qualified in Safety Health & Welfare carry out regular site inspections. Reports, in a detailed checklist format, are presented to site management staff immediately upon completion for action if required and a copy of the report is forwarded to the Director in charge.

We have an induction procedure for all operatives starting on site which covers all aspects of health and safety training. In addition, regular 'tool box' talks are given by the safety officer. Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheels Instruction Courses are provided regularly and as required.

All our operatives have Construction Skills (C.S.C.S) and (C.P.C.S) cards. Ongoing training requirements, both on and off the site, are subject to constant review and provided as required.


The company is committed to eliminating injury and minimising the risk to the health, safety and welfare of employees, the supply chain and the general public.

The company safety representatives are NEBOSH qualified.

Quality & Environmental

The company's focus is to complete all projects in accordance with the clients' requirements specified in the contract documents. We are committed to continually improving our systems and procedures across all disciplines in order to maintain the highest standards of operation and construction.

It is Fenton Civil Engineering policy that the company will comply with all current legislation regarding environmental matters.

The current legislation which affects construction work, but not limited to, is as follows :

  • Public Health Acts 1936,1964.
  • Clean Air Acts 1956,1968.
  • Control of Pollution Act 1974.
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990.
  • Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
  • Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Act 1979 amended 1983.
  • HSE Guide - Introducing Noise at Work Regulations.
  • BS 5228 : 1984,1986, Noise control on open Construction sites.
  • BS 5837 : 1991 Guide for trees in relation to construction.

Environmental Awareness

Fenton Civil Engineering will ensure that all its activities will be carried out with a high standard of Environmental awareness.

We will ensure that :

  • Energy efficient materials and construction methods will be promoted
  • Material handling and disposal will be compliant with best practise
  • A close relationship will be maintained with relevant Governing bodies
  • Promote Environmental awareness in our employees
  • Minimum risk of pollution by waste products and toxic substances

We are at present pursuing accreditation to the relevant :

  • BSI Registered ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • BS1 Registered ISO 1400 Environmental Quality System

Contact Us

Rowan Tree Farm
Ley Hill
Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Tel : 01753 783667

Jim Fitzgerald - Managing Director

Jim is the driving force behind the company and has years of management experience. He leads a team of highly skilled and experienced workers to ensure that high standards are maintained on a daily basis.

Nigel Hutchinson - Construction Director

Nigel has 25 years experience delivering fast track schemes within the residential, commercial & retail sectors. Starting out as a site engineer, Nigel's particular expertise is his real, 'hands on' style of management.